Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Think You Know Me...

This is just for funsies, to see how well you know me. These are things that I say, or have been known to say and pretty much outline the structure of my brain. Fill in the blank with what you think I would say. The person who gets the most right the firstest will win 50 awesome points. GO!

1) Texas Heritage ______________!

2) What an apartment locator would say ____________________

3) Cool  _________

4) Listen to the message, ____  _____, _______ ________

5) Disco _________ is real

6) Your _________

7) ___________ beer

8) I like to picture Jesus as _______________________ (this can have multiple answers)

9) da wool, da wool, da wool is on fi-yah _____________________________________

10) I'm ________________ of here

11)  If you use WebMD to research a health problem, it will say you either have _____________ or __________________

12) My most frequently used texting emoticon __________________

13) ___________________brings all the boys to my yard (easy. Can be anything)

14) When the world slips you a Jeffery, _____________________________________

15) Knitty__________ and Marsh________________

1 comment:

twistedtexan said...

1. BaaaaaaaaAAAAANK!
2. Uh, how exactly would I spell that??
3. beans
4. How do I not know this one??
5. Santa
6. mom
7. Beery!
8. Jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt because it says I want to be formal, but I'm here to party.
9. We don't need no water, simply remove the wool from the flames and it will extinguish itself.
10. sick? (Again, how do I not know this?)
11. cancer or herpes!
12. poop!!
13. my milkshake, your milkshake, Mel's milkshake, Hannah's milkshake...
14. Stroke the furry walls!
15. Knittyknurse and marshmarathon (I wanted to write marshmallows and point out the fact that you can, indeed, buy them from the grocery store and do not have to make them yourself. Same applies for socks.)