Friday, December 17, 2010


By dose is stobbed up ad I hab a fever. One of the drawbacks to being a healthcare provider - being exposed to all of the nasty germies. Sure, I wash my hands after each patient, I hold my breath when looking in a throat and ears, germicide spray the rooms and often clean my stethoscope after a sick patient but I still get sick. The good thing is that I usually know what it is and what to do about it, the bad thing is that I learned it from experience. And hey, I will NEVER get this particular virus again until the virus mutates enough to be recognized as a new virus! Why does that not make me feel better?

I'd like to think I could get a lot of knitting done when I'm sick, but frankly my hands and fingers (among every other joint in my body) is an aching, inflammed mess. Pointing and clicking is more my speed right now.  I'm tempted to go to my parents new house and soak, neck deep, in their gigantic whirlpool hot tub. Problems with that plan: I wouldn't want to get out and would be a swollen pruny mess. Sea World would be called in anonymously on the tip that a giant flabby blonde manatee was beached in a hot tub. If I ended up spilling my Russian energy drink into the controls, it would take me back to the 1980's. (Name that movie)