Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Member of the Mile High Long Club!

I finally made it! I ran an entire mile without walking! I don't think I have EVAR done that in the history of my life even in school. In PE, I was usually one of the ones walking at the back complaining about having to run. Even in my adulthood I would joke that I couldn't run because my pantyhose might catch on fire.

It was actually quite amusing this morning. I walk up to the track where 3 large football playa dudes were doing drills in the middle of the field. I meekly ask one of them "will it bother you if I use the track?". The biggest guy pipes up and says "go 'head on and get your exercise on!" (exact quote). As I rounded each quarter mile loop, the biggest guy counted them off for me "ONE!"..."TWO!" He didn't say three or four probably because he was into his own training at the time. When I finally finished the mile, I let out a whoop and kept walking and he retorted with an "alright!" The rest of the run I couldn't run past quarter mile because the sun was starting to beat down on me and I forgot to bring water. I didn't care. I just ran a mile!

I also went out and got a new "do" today and got about 8 inches of hair chopped off! Instead of a long swinging ponytail, I will have a ponytail nubbin. Then I went by Victoria's Secret where they were having a big sale, then went and joined my knitting friends. It was a good day. Oh! And I found the best T-shirt to go with my blog. I still need to lose a little more weight so it doesn't fit like a sausage casing. Perfect for Marshmarathon!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Run = Suck today

Today's run sucked big time. My calves just would not cooperate and out of 2 miles I only barely trotted for 5 minutes. This pain was not working itself out by walking, so I listened to my body and went home. suck suck suck. I totally overdid it yesterday. 

My sister had her baby (my first nephew) 6/1/09 and I went to see them yesterday. I blame the holding-a-newborn-baby endorphins for making me do something stoopid and running for 3 sets of 8 minute runs at a bit faster pace than my usual despite my calves protest. Did I think I could ACTUALLY progress as quickly as THE ULLREY wanted me to? Obviously not. I just hate to waste a day off from work by NOT running! suck suck suck.

But lookee!! My first nephew!