Sunday, January 24, 2010

Time To Shake the Doughnuts...

Yes, it's time to shake the spirit of doughnuts past right off my body. My plain glazed and iced cake doughnut booty needs to go. Now that the half marathon is over, I'm going to spend the next month SERIOUSLY trying to shed some pounds. You see, I want to keep running and am addicted to the 5K, 10K, half marathon schtick. It's got to be easier to run without carrying extra weight around. Imagine running around carrying two small (or one large) toddler(s) get the idea. You would think that training for a half-marathon would be the ticket to shedding weight, but not so. Longer runs need more fuel and that becomes a delicate balance (or excuse). "I'm a runner, I need to eat this bread" didn't quite work for me weight-wise.

My secret, extra special, scientific, complicated way to lose weight? Counting calories. 1600 per day. Oh I'm sure if I wanted to do it "right" I could also measure protein, carbs, fat, fiber, intake of macro and micronutrients...but as much as like like to geekify everything, I won't follow it too long. As much as I hate to write down everything that goes into my pie-hole, it's the only thing to hold me accountable.

Someone once told me that the definition of crazy was to keep doing things the same way expecting a different result. So, my "theories" of eating whatever amounts of food I want as long as I ate quality food are out the window. Sure, I didn't gain as much weight eating quality (and some crappy) foods. I felt better and I actually pretty much maintained my weight for a year. Losing is a different story. I've already lost the few holiday pounds I had put on.

In wedding/knitting news, I started knitting my daughter's wedding shawl. She picked the pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark or Ravelry link here. I'm knitting it out of Baruffa Cashwool which is one of the softest and thinnest laceweight yarns I have knit with. It should truly be a shawl that floats/glides on air. It's inexpensive and a good value for the 1460 yards it contains.

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