Sunday, June 3, 2007

Beginner's luck...

Finished first sock!!!!
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This is a post of my beginners luck sock. The sock that the knitting gods want you to complete to make you confident enough that you can make another. HA! It is knit with Cherry Tree Hill in the Monet colorway

A little over a month later I try my hand at another sock in a lighter weight yarn and get all confuzzled when it came to the turning o' the heel. I ripped back twice then could not pick up the stitches to save my life. In a fit of anger (or tantrum) I ripped out the entire sock, sat and pouted. I didn't even get a picture of the mangled mess (carnage) as I felt it would be too much for sensitive knitting viewers. Next time I will use a lifeline prior to the heel so I don't have to rip the entire cuff. I also found this site later on which would have helped immensely.

I think I will go cry into my Chevron Scarf...

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