Sunday, January 28, 2007

Still knitting! I've become almost obsessed! I'm almost finished with my cousin's scarf and getting ready to start a new one. I'll post a pic later because my photo transfer software is being a butt right now

What is my new project? Well, being a self proclaimed NERD, I'm doing a Harry Potter scarf. More specifically, a Gryffindor POA scarf. I got the pattern from . It looks pretty daunting, but I plan on knitting on it until the book release or until it gets long enough for me. Whichever comes first. I also need to reread the other 6 books to get some of the details anchored in my head. There have been rumors about July and an October release date. 3 months is a big swing there! I could either be uber productive or uber rushed. You pick. Anyway will post pics later after I begin. I bought Boye's Needlemaster system yesterday (interchangeable circular knitting needles) for a whopping $70. It was cool because it has every size needle (except half sizes) from 1 to 15. Have I ripped open the package yet? No, because I saw in their ad for tomorrow that all knitting stuff will be 50% off!!!! So, I need to go purchase it for the 50% off and take back the $70 product. What a hassle, but a savings of $35! Woohoo!

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