Sunday, January 14, 2007

I took a knitting class with my mom yesterday which was kinda fun. Fun because I felt like such a dunce and uncoordinated and was able to make everybody else look like freakin' knitting geniuses. I got to one point that I had just royally screwed up and ripped out all of the stitches to start again. Just then the teacher went around the room so we could show what we had done. I raised my lonely loop on the single knitting needle and said "look what I done teacher!" (must be said speaking in a dunce voice while making a buck toothed grin). I was finally able to "get it" after I went home and dug out a knitting book and tried it a different way than the one she had demonstrated. Good thing this fuzzy eyelash yarn hides a multitude of knitting sins. The other good thing was that I was so intent on the knitting last night while watching reruns, that snacky TV food didn't even enter my mind. I guess it's true....idle hands ARE the devil's playground!

Here's a pic of what I have so far. One day it will grow up and be a scarf! Hopefully while we will have cold weather! (Have you figured out what my favorite color is yet?)

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