Sunday, November 29, 2009

Turkey Trot

No, I'm not talking about the intestinal aftermath of eating poorly prepared Thanksgiving day treats, I'm talking about Thanksgiving Day's 5K to benefit a local charity. It was 7am, a brisk 46 degrees and as it turns out, I was WAY overdressed. Not overdressed in that I was rockin' some formal attire, but that I had too many clothes on. What is comfortable sitting still is NOT what is comfortable running a 5K. Stripping while running is a bit difficult. Sweating is easier. I made a PR! 38:30 for a 5K and I didn't walk once (except briefly at the water station...can't run and drink yet) That may not mean much to you running types, and I'm sure you could achieve that time with a broken leg and with the flu, but I was pleased.

Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother's was fun, and I could barely detatch myself from my 6 month old nephew. We played Farkle and ate too many desserts. Unfortunately, my family is full of excellent cooks. Good thing I made the preemptive strike on calories with a 5K before dinner, I could barely waddle afterward!

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twistedtexan said...

Congrats on your new PR! YAY!